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Ultimate Abs Stimulator
Ultimate Abs Stimulator
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Ultimate Abs Stimulator

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Get Your Perfect Summer Body

This Ultimate Abs Stimulator will help you alleviate, tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. This item will help complement your workouts by having that body figure you desire while being healthy at the same time!

EMS TECHNOLOGY: This new Ultimate Abs Stimulator uses Electric Muscle Stimulation technology, which uses current stimulation to directly emit muscle signals, promote muscle movement, help tension, tighten and strengthen the ab muscles.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Ergonomically designed for your abdominal muscles. You can use muscle toner anytime, anywhere.

    TONE YOUR MUSCLES: Thanks to its ergonomic design, this Ultimate Abs Stimulator toning kit can attach on your body with the gel pads and works the muscles in your abs, arms and legs. All you have to do is stick the pads to your body and let them stimulate your muscles. A safe and healthy way to get amazing muscles.

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